The flooring industry is not aprosexia and it needs to develop the advantage of eco-wood flooring

In facing the prospective market economy, the wood flooring enterprises’s competition will from the current products and services to the final business model and the industry platform. And more higher level of competition, more higher request to the enterprises’s ability of innovation, production capacity and financing capacity. At present, the concentration of domestic wood flooring is not enough high ,also the market economic factors of capital, technology, labour, resources are not concentrated. From eight years ago, in America, Europe and other international markets, chinese wood flooring gradually squeezed out other countries’ products and accounted for 20% of the market share, that showed the chinese eco-wood flooring industry has a very strong advantage in international market.

However, in recent three years, the sisuation has changed. On the one hand is the price, the north America, Europe and other places has tried to keep the prices lower, and on the other hand, more and more international market begin to implement the certificate which is not a small threshold for chinese wood flooring enterprises. At last is the increasing of logistics cost, the shortage of raw materials’supply which adding the operating cost for chinese wood flooring enterprises.

To different wood flooring manufacturers or suppliers, the most biggest barriers is legal timber.Those kind of trade barriers will be more and more stronger ,and will be more and more . Now the Japanese procurement law, USlacy act, European cutting policies and so on are more and more strict. Therefore, since the beginning of this year, the trend is that the chinese wood flooring in internationl market share constantly declined .

It has many reasons: The first is the cultural difference.

The cost performance of chinese wood flooring is very high in international market, but what the chinese enterprises cannot go beyond is the bottleneck of product design and services. Those also cannot satisfy with the local consumers’ tastes.The culture becomes the trade barriers in market transactions because of the lack of understanding the foreigner cultures. In the face of different cultural backgrounds, for suppliers, even if the price is very good or how much you did, it also just go behind the others. Based on this kind of situation,  many chinese prodcuts just can go the popular route in foreginer countries and rarely has foothold in some personality or higher value-added market.


The second is trade barriers.

With the second bottom research of European market’s financial crisis, the trade protection of foreigner market rise up again .This time, the building industry became the main character which are first the hundreds building enterprises got the whopping price compensation from the US lawsuit, then the Foshan ceramic or will suffer the large-scale anti-dumping investigation from EU, and the chinese gypsum board suffered the lawsuit event from US. The report of <Data base of temporary trade barriers>which released on May 26th by world bank and monitoring the global trade protection measures showed that the chinese exporters will continue to becoming the first target in the investigation of trade remedy. 47% of one quarter ‘s investigation of new launch trade and 82% of finished trade investigation are both against or involving china. All of those let us see that the exporting road of buliding products has been more and more difficult.

Wood material. The disadvantage is the less strength, not fire retardant, easy to mildew. Steel keel is a new material, it has the advantages of light weight, high hardness, fire and good seismic performance, convenient processing and installation.