Creative, Freedom, Color, Nature —— the issuing Popular Trend of China’s first Wood Culture

Recently, China Economic Reports held a reported activity entitled as Issuing the Popular Trend of China’s first Wood Culture. Creative, freedom, color and nature have been the four keywords in the new year.

This activity is held together by the National Insitutes of WenMu Culture, China Buillding Decoration Association, the Association of Chinese Interior Decoration and other professional institutions. Using New Culture, the Tide As I See as the theme, to explore the popular direction of wood-based product, with the professional eye to forecast the next generation popular elements of wood culture.

In the activity, Creative, Freedom, Color and Nature have been the four keywords of wood culture's popular trend in the new year. It is reported that these key words, on the basis of issuing unit’s study in the trend of international wood culture, are finally determined by the depth analysis of times spirit, life style, consumer preferences and values and other aspects, in combination with marketing surveys and experts’ research and forecast.

According to the survey report of furniture decoration consumption, it shows that woodiness product of decoration materials can win the love of consumers. In the 4 options of wood, stone, metal and plastic products, the propotion of selecting wood products as the household adornment material is as high as 45.2% of consumers, which basically occupied half of the whole househole adornment material. The investigation also shows that many consumers comparely recognize the environmental protection performance of eco-wood products, but there are still amounted to 6.4% of the participants give the evalution for poor or not satistied, so there still has great space of ascension for the conusumers to understand the enviromental protection performance of eco-wood products. According to this, the internal experts think that the reason is a lot of people are into error that wood products aren’t unenvironmental protection because they  can only find the consumption of forest resources that wood products bring, without seeing that wood products drive the forecast cultivation and greatly improve the value of forest products through the rational utilization of wood.

According to the introduction, the research and issue of the popular trend in the wood culture on the one hand can guide the consumers to buy smarter, and better enjoy eco-wood culture, on the other hand, can promote wood production enterprises into rational production, to research and develop products which are more popular in the market, to advoid the waste and loss caused by unmarketable products. In the eyes of GreenZone, to master fashion discourse means the transformation and upgrading of China’s wood enterprise development mode. This will drive more wood-floor produciton enterprises to meet and grasp market trends, then to product the products with a market demand and popularity.

Issues which concerned by the international community. With the hold of the Copenhagen climate-change summit, Human start to aware of the climate change not only just the climate issues, but also the Economic and political. For reaching the goal of reducing greenhouse gas, achieving the low carbon development, city play a key role. In china, there is about 85% carbon dioxide from city. With the faster  development of China's urbanization and industrialization
and this ratiowill be increase.